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Four friends got together for a breakfast in Manhattan Beach, CA in 1994 and wondered if they could create a synergistic group of individuals who could help perpetuate the life lessons they all had learned by participating in team sports as children. Their long standing personal relationships, imagination, vision and commitment to the original idea, in addition to each, at different times, taking on the role of President of WSA, has enabled tens of thousands of economically disadvantaged kids the opportunity to participate in unique WSA youth sports programs.  WSA is now in its 30th year of helping make sports possible for all children.

Read more about the Founders' story from the Los Angeles Times here.
gottlieb founder.jpeg

Mike Gottlieb 


President 2019 - Present

allen lynch.png

Allen Lynch


President 2006 - 2016

rosenberg founder.jpeg

Mike Rosenberg


President 1995 - 2005

chip eggers.jpg

Chip Eggers


President 1994 - 1999

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