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Westcoast Sports Associates provides annual charitable grants to City of Los Angeles Recreation Centers and Southern California Nonprofit Organizations administering youth sports programs in low-income communities.


“Our primary goal is to help children in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods have the opportunity to participate in team sports. We promote programs that provide safe environments outside of the home and schools to develop healthy habits and build character. Peer interaction, mentorship and role modeling by coaches and volunteers makes a positive impact on the next generation!

Grant Recipients

Algin Sutton Rec Center

Central Park Rec Center

Echo Park Rec Center

El Sereno Rec Center

Elysian Valley Rec Center

Hazard Park Rec Center

Jim Gilliam Rec Center

Lincoln Park Rec Center

Montecito Rec Center

Normandale Rec Center

Queen Anne Rec Center

Ramon Garcia Rec Center

Slauson Rec Center

Ross Snyder Rec Center

Hoover Rec Center

America Scores, LA

TGA Sports Foundation

Beat The Streets, LA

Harlem Lacrosse LA

Boys & Girls Club Hollywood

Bresee Foundation LAFC

USTA So Cal Tennis Ass.

Comm Partners For The DHHEAF

Hollenbeck  PAL

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WSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization awarding grants for specific program needs to qualified youth sports programs in economically disadvantaged areas

throughout Southern California. All expenditures for sports equipment, uniforms, trophies, tournaments and celebrations are screened and approved by WSA.”

WSA Does Not Fund:
  • Programs serving participants younger than 5 or older than 13

  • Organizations outside Southern California

  • Non-sports activities

  • Travel Teams or Tournament Fees

  • Program Sponsorships

  • For-profit enterprises

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