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Little League Player
Help Make Youth Sports Possible!

WSA offers many ways to get involved.

Your donations are critical to our mission!

WSA Membership provides a direct link to our programs, activities and outreach. 

WSA appreciates every donation, and invites you to pick the level that suits you. 


Your donation makes it possible for youth sports teams to receive "official" team uniforms and trophies.  The pride the kids get in wearing real uniforms is visible on their faces and how they play the game - plus it helps other kids want to get involved in our programs. The greater the donation, the more kids we serve!

Suggested Giving

$1,000 - Registration fee for 25 KIDS for a full season of sports!

$2,500 - Registration fee AND Uniforms for 25 KIDS for a full season of sports!

$5,000 - Registration fee, Uniforms AND Trophies for 60 KIDS for a full season of sports!

$10,000 - Support 70 KIDS  for a full season playing sports!

Grant funding provided by WSA each year to community based partners help make quality youth sports programs accessible across Southern California.


Annual  participants that benefit  from supported programs.



Number of youth sports facilities WSA grant funding supports.


WSA has raised 4 million dollars to date for effective and exciting youth sports programs.

Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors

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